HC Psychedelic Wild Child By Dawn Hurwitz

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Dawn became a part of a movement destined to change the way people think, act, and interconnect to seek truth, fairness, and cosmic consciousness. While the culture of being a Jew had been grounding in her life, the religion left questions no answers. While she had a large circle of family, the richness of her legacy was unknown before her great-grandparents after the Holocaust, giving Dawn a deeper sense of disillusionment. She became driven to explore alternative spirituality.

Times were changing in the 60s & 70s. Equal rights for all people especially women were in focus. Watergate brought down a government that would no longer operate business as usual. Martin Luther King proved that black people deserved as much respect as any other human.

As a teen, Dawn experimented with drugs, which opened her mind and lifted her boundaries. She found her way to the west coast encountering Father Yod and The Source Restaurant in LA. After listening to Father Yod in morning class, she knew The Source Family was her destiny and it began a 5 year trek with them through experimental living. They shared all their resources, everyone worked in some way either at the restaurant or taking care of their homes or children, and they practiced meditation daily alongside an organic vegetarian lifestyle. They learned to value the finer qualities of everything in life. And they all accepted Father Yod as their Spiritual Father.

Father Yod's deep intuition and study of varied spiritual practices enhanced an experimental lifestyle that could only be lived communally with total trust. Never dogmatic he often abandoned ideas after they proved unworkable. Seeking to live in harmony with nature he wished to create a utopian life for his spiritual children. He brought them to Hawaii after a world search for a home. It all unwound in there, and Dawn was left to take her experience and move on to find her own power.
Dawn is still the Wild Child she ever was.