Birds in Hawaii Today: Poetry & Prose by Chuck Stone and Jack Jeffrey

Birds in Hawaii Today: Poetry & Prose by Chuck Stone and Jack Jeffrey

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For general audiences, visitors to Hawaiʻi and kamaʻāina alike, who are
concerned about the birds and their habitats in the Islands. Twenty poems,
over 40 full-color photographs, and informative text include descriptions,
distribution, abundance, behavior, status and conservation efforts for native,
introduced, and migratory birds in Hawaiʻi today, including the Northwestern
Hawaiian Islands. A Glossary of unfamiliar terms, plus references and
suggestions for further reading are included.

Author CHUCK STONE is a retired biological research scientist who spent 15 years at Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park and elsewhere in Hawaiʻi, involved in research and management of fragile native ecosystems and endemic species (especially birds), and alien plants and animals that threaten the existence of the unique ecosystems found in the Islands.

Photographer JACK JEFFREY is a long-time resident of Hawaiʻi Island and an award-winning professional photographer, birding guide and wildlife biologist; he is intimately familiar with the endemic birds of the Islands and their remote habitats.

ISBN 978-0-692-76786-3
Soft cover, 9x6 inches, xxxii + 241 pages
Published by Amity Graphics, Bemidji, MN