Local Hawaiian Music, Musicians, and Artists

Basically Books is more than a bookstore—we also love and support our Big Island and neighbor island musicians and artists. Check our Events page for upcoming live music events at Basically Books, and check out the links below to discover some of our favorite Hawaiian music, musicians, and artists.








    • Caren Loebel–Fried
      Caren Ke’alaokapualehua Loebel–Fried is a storyteller and second–generation carver who learned the ancient art of block printing from her mother. She has illustrated many books of Hawaiian legends and mythology.


    • Harinani Orme
      Native Hawaiian artist Harinani Orme works in painting and printmaking as well as mixed–media art. Currently, her works focus on the myths, legends and traditions of old Hawaii.



    • Linda Ching
      Local photographer Linda Ching has a wide body of work, ranging from commercial and editorial photography to photographic illustrations for her books on Hawaiian mythology.



    • Patrick Ching
      Patrick Ching is a reknown nature artist and owner of Naturally Hawaiian Gallery in Waimanalo, Oahu, Hawaii. He is known around the world for his nature art.


    • Kim Taylor Reece
      Kim Taylor Reece, fine art photographer, has been studying hula kahiko for nearly 25 years. His photography captures the mystery and magic of this dance.


    • Nelson Makua
      Nelson Makua is a Native Hawaiian graphic artist who has been creating on the Big Island for over 30 years. Na Makua is a line of casual wear designed by Nelson and his son, Kainoa.


    • Dietrich Varez is a well–known Big Island artist. He has retold and illustrated many Hawaiian myths and stories in his signature block print style, including two published by Petroglyph Press: Hina, The Goddess and Pele and Hi’iaka, A Tale of Two Sisters